Manual Multi-Site Pig Production

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The model maximizes the total gross margin calculated from the income of sales to the abattoir and the production costs over the time horizon considered.

Production cost depends on each type of farm involved in the process. Parameters like number of farms per phase and distance, farm capacity, reproduction management policies, feeding and veterinary expenses, and transportation costs are taken into account. The model also provides a schedule of transfers between farms in terms of animals to be transported and number of trucks involved.

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Volume Multiperiod planning tool for multisite pig production systems E. Oxford Academic.

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Animal Care--Taking the Mystery Out of Pork Production at Smithfield Foods

Download all figures. Manage all your farms in one place. Analyze your data on the level of your choice: from 1 single stable to the whole Holding.

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Standardize your processes and data across all of your farms. Easily move animals among your farms. Always up to date information about the structure of your herd. Analyse by sow state, age, parity, breed, index, etc.

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Easily export the data to Excel for more detailed analysis. Get your multi-sited farm data consolidated in one system Do your multi-sited farm data analysis and reports fast and easily. Data entry on the PC in the office or on the mobile in the stable. QR enabled data entry and the instant data verification lowers the error rate.

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Up to date work- and check lists in the stable.