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The Devil: A Very Short Introduction

Print this page. Used from other sellers Check for new and used marketplace copies. His father was a doctor, son of a more distinguished doctor and speculative evolutionist, Erasmus Darwin. His mother was a daughter of Josiah Wedgwood, founder of the pottery.

She died when Charles was eight, leaving him to be brought up largely by his sisters. He was educated at the local public school and went to Edinburgh University as a medical student.

Unable to face confrontation with the seriously ill, Darwin abandoned me The Beagle's circumnavigation of the globe lasted five years, from to In his autobiography Darwin summed up the impact of the Beagle voyage on his life. When the votes of the presidential electors were tallied, a tie emerged between the opposition presidential candidate, Thomas Jefferson, and his vice presidential running mate, Aaron Burr.

Only later, with the Twelfth Amendment that was ratified in , did the electors cast separate ballots for president and vice president. To whom would presidential power be transferred?

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The House now chose the president, as specified Because Federalists controlled the House, the Federalists were tempted to award the election to their favored candidate, Aaron Burr, thus depriving their avowed foe, Thomas Jefferson, of victory. Aaron Burr died OTD in But the word has a complex history and this leads me right to the beginning of my consideration of iconography. I want to begin with the juxtaposition of three very different icons: a Byzantine image of the Virgin and Child Fig. In the Byzantine image of the Virgin and Child the rela We need to know of the Christian Bible before we see the image of a woman and child as having religious significance.

We might identify certain attributes — for instance the Virgin's blue cape or mantel or the fact that the Christ child is holding a scroll, which is a symbol or prefiguration of his death.

The 5 Weirdest Titles in Oxford’s “Very Short Introduction” Series

But how do we know that this image is not just a representation of motherhood or a female figure and child from mythology? In Warhol's Marilyn Monroe we see a repeated image of one of Hollywood's best-known stars. Mario, from The Super Mario Brothers, speaks to the temporal nature of icons — I am assured that he is more easily recognizable than the Mona Lisa to the generations whose interests centre on computer games and virtual reality.

Remote sensing is also not just about images, as there is much useful data collected from radar and other wavelengths.

Satellite Radar Interferometry or SRI , for example, is a technique of growing importance for studying geomorphic change, especially in the form of Radar the term comes from the acronym for radio detection and ranging commonly uses microwaves nowadays to investigate topography and works in the same way as LIDAR, as discussed above.

Interferometry involves the overlying of two radar datasets p.

SRI has been used to visualize the bulging in the sides of a volcano prior to an eruption and to produce topographical datasets for large areas. Indeed, in its popular forms, Surrealism can be understood as constituting the ideology it professed to oppose, caught in a distorting mirror. However, its reliance on these obsolescent materials gave it a lifeless, simulacral cast. Her Vindication of the Rights of Woman was published in , and still speaks directly to us. But she was by no means alone.

Catherine Macaulay, for example, was, like Wollstonecraft, a radical who responded thoughtfully to the Revolution in France. She had already published a many-volumed History of England when, in , she wrote Letters on Education, arguing, as Wollstonecraft would do a little later, tha Macaulay also attacked the sexual double standard, insisting that a single sexual experience does not transform a virgin into a wanton.

Mary Wollstonecraft died OTD in Designation of an area or cultural site represents the highest accolade that can be bestowed by the global community, and consequently it is notable that nearly two-thirds of mixed sites, as well as nearly half the natural sites and about one-sixth of cultural sites, are in mountains.

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One of the novelists I reread—and I am far from alone here—is Jane Austen. But the trouble with the Diana affair, like so many other celebrity outrages, was that it turned out to involve an act of collaboration. In the late s the Sunday Times was accused of printing lies about the troubled Charles and Diana relationship, based upon its expensive purchase of serialization rights to a book by Andrew Morton. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Very Short Introductions on Facebook.

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Marry Ann Fabillar. See More. Information about Page Insights Data. A Very Short Introduction. Concise and original, Very Short Introductions offer insights into hundreds of topics.

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Mormonism: A Very Short Introduction. Beginning with a handful of members in , the church that Joseph Smith founded has grown into a world-wide organization with over 12 million adherents, playing prominent roles in politics, sports, entertainment, and business. Yet they are an oddity. They are considered wholesome, conservative, an From wicked queens, beautiful princesses, elves, monsters, and goblins, to giants, glass slippers, poisoned apples, magic keys, and mirrors, the characters and images of fairy tales have cast a spell over readers and audiences, both adults and children, for centuries.

These fantastic stories have tr Hollywood: A Very Short Introduction.