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Fiona does not remember the years before she came to the priory on the Isle of Skye.

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Only the gentle Prioress knows the truth about the spirited, red-haired lass's true birth. So it is in a simple cowl and peasant's dress that she emerges from the island's mists and faces the famed warrior chief of the Highlands, Alec Macpherson. Or stop his love Alec has served King James with his sword.

Now he would give his very soul to protect this beautiful girl from the intrigue that swirls around her. But Fiona wants his heart as well, and willingly he gives it For hidden in Fiona's memory is the face of her mother's killer and a secret that could topple the throne. And it will take Alec's Highland strengths pitted against a foe's cruel ambitions to prove, through blood and battle, which will reign--an army's might or the powerful passions of two lovers Get A Copy.

Mass Market Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. MacPherson Clan 1. Scottish Highlands , Other Editions 9. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Angel of Skye , please sign up. How do I read this book? See 1 question about Angel of Skye…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters.

Sort order. Oct 10, Zoe added it Shelves: no-can-do. I am bored already. Apr 03, Kelly Ann rated it liked it Shelves: yrreads , kindle-unlimited-read , fiction-romance.

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This was a "good enough" story I suppose. It was a little better than so many of the silly, stereotypical highlander romances out there, but it still fell into the pit of "Argh, typical! The most typical were the characters. Fiona was beautiful and feisty, and Alec was of course an alpha, brawny, and handsome hero. The story was a tiny bit better than par overall, but with this author team I was hoping for something so much more.

I'll give the next book in the series a shot. But This was a "good enough" story I suppose. But if it's not much better, I'll move on to something else. It is by the author s of one of my favs though: Borrowed Dreams. View 1 comment. Apr 08, A Klue rated it really liked it Shelves: flashbacks-of-violence , likable-main-couple , felt-overly-long , good-guy-hero , alpha-hero , determined-hero , a-few-steamy-scenes , feisty-heroine.

As always, I enjoy this author's writing style. My only complaint is towards the end I felt it was overly long, which surprised me because I stayed engaged until the part where the heroine was to be taken to the king's court. I think it is likely due to inevitable, unresolved issues still needed to be addressed about the time I felt the story should have ended. In my mind, she's started to feel like the boogey man lurking under the bed.

In his defense, the hero had tried more than once to explain how he ever got involved with such an evil person, but he kept getting interrupted. It's just a shame that maybe because I thought the heroine had been through enough, I grew impatient to wrap this one up, my Scottish romance book-loving friends. I even doublechecked to be sure book 2 wasn't a continuation. Turns out it will be focused on Ambrose, the hero's brother.

Love the new cover art When I saw the cover art, I was thinking about some good Highlander story that captured me. The moment I read, it was interesting. But after the 2nd chapter, I've seen myself struggling to finish it. The story was slow and boring. Apr 20, Sherry rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance. Loved the book and the fact that I found a new series to read!

Feb 05, Barbara rated it really liked it. Excellent book. I love Scottish historicals. Nov 03, Stacy Sabala rated it really liked it Shelves: suspense , romance. Her mother hiding proof of who was behind everything in the castle.

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Everyone thinks they both perished. Years later Fiona lives on the Island of Skye in the Priory. No one knows who she really is not even her. She cares for the lepers of the island and drives the prioress crazy. However, the people think of her as an angel as she secretly administers to them hiding from the evil Laird.

Lord Alec Macpherson arrives on Skye taking over MacLeod lands after their evil laird is executed for his crimes. He is the one who comes face to face with Fiona. He is the appointed character that helps figure out who she really is and what truly happened that night. Fiona is torn over her growing feelings for Alec. She is unworthy of a laird or, so she thinks. Her true identity is shocking, and Alec panics a bit.

He refuses to lose her. There will be many after her now and he must keep her safe. I love how the whole story plays out. The author offers up a suspect that really makes sense, but Alec offers another that makes less sense. The reader is led into the direction Fiona goes until the very end when everything is revealed. It was a great confrontation with lots of suspense. The ending was sweet as Malcolm reenters the picture. It ties up everything pretty neatly. Dec 25, Claudine rated it liked it Shelves: big-strong-manly-men , sweet-respectful-romance , eye-roll-inducing , historical-romance , medieval , woobie-backstory-or-past-abuse , side-character-children.

Also the romance is actually romantic-- while there's a lot of lust thrown in, they spend a lot of time in each other's company and genuinely like each other, which shouldn't have been surprising to me but was. Altogether a very sweet story, and with the right level of ridiculous melodrama and violence needed for a good medieval romance. Got a little purple-prosey during the sex scenes-- lots of similes and metaphors, some of which worked, some of which really didn't.

Still, nice ca Entertaining. Still, nice cast of characters and a believable story arc mixed with a sweet and respectful romance. I found myself enjoying this a lot. Jul 03, Jean rated it it was amazing. I loved it! What a surprise gem, I didn't know what to expect but the writing is excellent, the story is good, just enough heat to make it interesting at the right times. Sometimes sex written into a story seems forced as if it's got to meet a quota, not so here.

In fact this was so good that although this came in a set of three books from three separate series by this author, I will be buying the next books that are in this particular series. Good job husband and wife writing team! Loved it I found it a bit slow on at the start but I could not put it down. Loved Fiona and Alec as main characters. Highly recommended. I loved this book, Scotland calls to me so these books almost make me feel like I am there. I have many more of their books so I will keep reading.

Thanks so much, Nora Moore. Mar 20, Cheryl Palasky rated it it was amazing. Historical romance. Fast paced - humor, suspense, romance, sensuality.

Angel of Skye

Feb 17, Margo rated it really liked it. I had to go back and read this book again after reading about Alec and Fiona in later years in Tess and the Highlander and Much Ado.

It's a good story and it's nice to know while reading about all their struggles that it all works out in the end. Mar 23, Leila rated it it was amazing Shelves: medieval-romance , favorites. The book starts in mid-action, and pulls you right into the story to never let you go again. The plots are amazing, the romance is sizzling and very emotional, the sword-clinging action keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The beautiful descriptions of the land and its breathtaking nature makes you want to book a trip to the Isle of Skye "Merida" finds her own Prince Charming, at last. The beautiful descriptions of the land and its breathtaking nature makes you want to book a trip to the Isle of Skye immediately.

The Scottish Hearts Collection 4 Full Length Novels The Highland Heather and Hearts Scottish Romanc

I loved it all! What me mesmerized the most was how fierce and passionate the love between the main characters was.

The Kindling Heart (Highland Heather and Hearts, book 1) by Carmen Caine

It left me breathless, and constantly aching to read more about them. When they meet, it's love at first sight. On his wedding day, he finds himself faced instead with an enticing, green-eyed lass named Bree. A walking disaster, his bride immediately turns his world into chaos and threatens to melt his resolve never to love again. Betrayed by her own mother, Bree flees to Skye, thinking only to reunite with her long, lost father. Instead, she finds herself wed to Ruan MacLeod as a replacement bride.

When she is forced to remain in the castle, she is soon caught between brothers and the mentally ill wife of the laird. Shy, yet strong, Bree embarks on a journey of independence and learns along the way that all men are not necessarily evil. In fact, one particularly brooding, yet gentle-hearted warrior is worthy of love, and she soon loses her heart forever. But no one knows the man behind the mask.

No one knows that he is Le Marin--Europe's most daring and brazen spy. But everything changes the night he finds a dagger pressed against his ribs and an alluring hazel-eyed minx in his bed. Born into the Vindictam, the renowned Venetian family of assassins, Liselle dreams of the day she will be allowed to practice the family craft. And when she is sent to the. Bree whirled to see Ruan resting against the lower ledge of the roof. Suddenly, she lost her grip and began to slide.

Frantically, she grasped the thatching and succeeded in stopping her descent. Bree meant to nod, but the movement caused her to wince in pain.

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Her throat ached and her ears burned in pain. Ruan lifted her lightly to her feet.